Monday, January 19, 2009

Canadian Waterbird Survey

I did the CWS survey on Thursday, for the first time. My route is from the Bridge to Brockton Point in Stanley Park. Doing the count I realized why I rarely bird the seawall, even early in the morning, its still very popular for Joggers/Bikers/Dog Walkers, and the rest of the ilk that birders usually try to avoid at all costs.

There was dense fog, that did not dissapate for the 2 hours and some I spent walking the seawall. I was a little dissapointed in the birding, I thought there would be more species of waterbird. Gone were the Rafts of Scoters, I have seen over the years in winter. I only saw one Common Loon, and since the tide was in, there was no chance of any rock shorebirds.

The only highlight of the day, was a non waterbird Cedar Waxwing.

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There were lots of Barrow's Goldeney and Buffleheads, nothing else really. It was a nice walk, though cold. Hopefully the birding gets better..cause I have to do this route every second Sunday of the Month.

Barrow's Goldeneye

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After finishing the Watercount, my lust for birds was still not satiated. I decided to try my luck at Maplewood. Maplewood was pretty quiet, I spent most of my time at the garden by the nature hut entrance, trying to photograph feeder birds. I managed to get a few of a nice looking House Finch. Also a lone Pine Siskin feeding on the ground.

House Finch

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Pine Siskin

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