Thursday, May 2, 2013


That kinks song always plays in my head when I visit Victoria. This is my second time this year I got to visit, this time it was only for a day, and it was mostly due to my girlfriend running in some sort of fun run or something, I don't even know what it was for, but while she was out running I got to take in some birds.

I started at Swan Lake and was soon greeted by the lovely song of a Yellow Warbler, not really early but early enough to to surprise me. I soon had another one in my view, its finally really spring. The sad part of the day happened soon after as I had my camera nice and focused an a male Anna's hummingbird preening itself...I forgot to put a memory card in...doh! So much for pictures to document this entry.

Hermit Thrushes were bountiful, as well as singing Orange-crowned Warblers and Common Yellowthroats. I didn't add any more birds for the year, but Swan Lake is quite the Jewel to walk around, I wish I could visit more often it reminds me of Elizabeth Lake in Cranbrook.

After Swan Lake I scurried off to Panama Flats, adding my first Least and Western Sandpipers, as well as another early Warbler, a Wilson's calling from the deciduous border. A birder there informed me that there were some Baird's Sandpipers at Hasting Flats, and was kind enough to give directions. At Hasting Flats the peeps were scattered all over a flooded field, it took some time but I finally got a Baird's in all the little Leasties.

My last stop was Francis King regional park. I hiked a short trail called the shooting star through a nice open forest. I heard my first Cassin's Vireo of the year, careful to make sure it was a real one and not a Purple Finch. I finally had it in the top of a Douglas Fir. Townsend's Warblers were vigorously singing from the highest branches. When i reached the end of the trail where it overlooks the road coming into the park, I had my biggest surprise, 2 singing House Wrens. I was ecstatic to see these lovely birds up so close.

Moving on to an area where the Powerlines cut through the forest, I had a great view of a Macgillavray's Warbler as well as a Black-throated Gray. I finished off adding bird 217 of the year, a Pacific Slope Flycatcher.

The weather was lovely and Victoria always is a great place to go birding.Its currently Thursday and tomorrow I must decide if I go on an 8 hour drive to Cranbrook for a Tufted Duck and Black-necked Stilts, hit up the Okanagan or stick close to home and get the one bird I keep dipping on American Bittern.

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