Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peace River I'm coming for you

Today at 615 when my shift ends, begins my 12 day journey to the Peace River. I am both filled with terror and delight. Dreams of warblers of all kinds and all colours dripping from the trees. I am going in armed with binoculars and a naive hope to find all the target species. Sure I have done my research, I know all the names of the hotspots, a general idea of what species is found where, but still alot of this will be riding on my perseverance and plain luck.

This will be one of those rare times in my birding life where I enter uncharted territory. It is one of the magical things about birding, its like christmas time for me, with a whole lot of lifer's to unwrap.

The next 12 days will be the make or break for me. I only have this one chance for the eastern specialties. There will be no going back. A late season, bad weather, a flat tire, or all the other unknowns will be the final deciding factors in weather I can attain my goal of 350 species.

stay tuned

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