Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tennessee Warbler

Somewhere in a bog north of Prince George I met my first of what would be many, many, many Tennessee Warblers. But the first one was an experience of its own. Tennessee Warblers are from underneath the definition of nondescript. Pure white/gray with no markings. If you've never heard one before, and you stand directly underneath one, you might have a hard time figuring out just what exactly you are looking at.

This is of course what I was doing as I had been tracking down a machine gun like trill for at least 20 minutes. Bathing in mosquito's craning my neck into weird contortions I finally had the bird in full first Tennessee Warbler, it would not be my last, I would hear it pretty much everywhere I went, most of the time I would remember this moment and know what it was, but their song can be varied, and there were a few times I got tricked by this little monster.

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